Is your car in need of transmission repair near Franklin, KY? Not to worry, because our team of highly trained technicians is here to help get your transmission fixed up and back to smoothly accelerating along the roads of Franklin! See how you can determine when its time to schedule a transmission repair with us at Greenwood Ford and how our team can fix the transmission in your car at a time that works best for you!

Fixing Your Transmission

Taking your car to us means getting your car serviced by the highly trained and experienced technicians that work within our service center. They will be able to handle whatever services your car may need, which includes any transmission repairs.

If you notice an issue with your transmission, just bring your vehicle to our service center and they will be able to quickly figure out what is causing the problem. From there, they will let you know exactly how they plan to get your car back to smoothly shifting once again as soon as possible for you.

Signs the Transmission Needs to Be Repaired

There are a few instances when you'll want to make sure you call or schedule your appointment online to have your transmission serviced-such as any time you hear a strange sound coming from the transmission. This could be anything, from a grinding or banging sound to a higher-pitched whistling sound.

You may also feel something unusual while driving that could indicate there is any issue with the transmission. As an example, the gears might be slipping, or you feel your car hesitating or being more sluggish when changing gears as you accelerate.

You may also start to smell a burning odor as you drive. This could happen when the transmission fluid becomes old and can no longer properly lubricate the parts in the transmission and dissipate heat.

Preventive Care for Your Car

To help reduce the chances of needing to have the transmission repaired in the first place, our technicians can also complete all the routine care your car needs. This can prevent any of these issues from happening in the first place, which can limit the amount of time and costs you'll need to spend on repairs.

How do we do this? By thoroughly inspecting your car when you bring it by for regularly scheduled service. By carefully looking over the various parts and fluids of not just your transmission but other systems in your car, we can identify anything that needs to be replaced. Something as simple as a routine transmission fluid change can protect the various parts and keep the system smoothly and efficiently operating.

Get Your Transmission Repaired Today!

Come have our trained technicians get your transmission fixed up and back to smoothly, efficiently, and safely operating as you drive. Contact us now online or by giving us a call here at Greenwood Ford to schedule transmission repair near Franklin, KY. 

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