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Before you sell or trade in your car, you must do your research. Part of that research includes browsing the market near Glasgow, Hopkinsville, Russellville, and Bowling Green, KY. Whether you're a novice or pro when it comes to navigating these tools, performing this research yourself can delay enjoying a new set of wheels.

Let us at Greenwood Ford help make the research step a breeze. We offer a complimentary Value Your Trade tool that provides an accurate estimate in little time. Read on to learn more!

What is the Value Your Trade Tool?

Simply said, our Value Your Trade tool is a fast and easy way to receive an estimate for your current vehicle. This tool uses industry data to determine the most accurate estimate for your vehicle. In order to do so, we study things, like:

  • Local supply: How many vehicles are like yours in the area?
  • Local market demand: How many people search for your car?
  • Estimated value: What does the market say about your vehicle?

This trade-in tool is a fast and easy way for you to view a potential offer for your vehicle. How fast and easy? In only two steps and as few as 10 seconds, you can complete your trade or sell research.

Simple 2-Step Process

Start and complete the research process in the blink of an eye thanks to our Value Your Trade tool. In only two steps, you're on your way to fast and easy financing. See for yourself how simple our tool is:

  1. Tell us about your vehicle: To get started, tell us your vehicle's year, make, model, and trim information. The more information the better as we can provide a more accurate vehicle estimate.
  2. Provide us your information: Let us know where to send the trade-in estimate. Provide us your name, email, and phone number. In seconds, you'll receive your tailored estimate.

Once complete, we'll contact you regarding your vehicle's market report.

What to Do with the Market Report

Once you receive a copy of your custom market report, you have several options:

  1. Visit our dealership to sell/trade your car.
  2. Read our reviews and comparisons to find your next vehicle.
  3. Boost your vehicle's trade-in value.

Let's take a closer look at each of these options.

Visit Our Dealership

If you're ready to trade or sell your vehicle after receiving the trade-in estimate, it's time to head to our dealership! Our team of financiers will work with you one-on-one to finalize the trade-in or sale.

If you're buying a new car when you sell or trade, our experts will help you choose between buying vs. leasing and work to secure you a personalized plan that matches your unique needs.


Read Our Reviews & Comparisons

Unsure what vehicle you want to drive next? Our comprehensive Ford reviews and comparisons are here to help. Each one was expertly crafted by our team of specialists to provide upfront, easy-to-digest information about one of our vehicles.

Learn about the performance and infotainment of your favorite model, then see how it compares to a competitor vehicle. With our reviews by your side, you'll find your next set of wheels in little time.

Boost the Trade-in Value

Want to give your vehicle's trade-in value a little boost? Consider doing one or several of these tips:

  • Give it a good cleaning inside and out.
  • Remove personal belongings.
  • Repair any outstanding recalls.

It's also recommended that you have all the necessary papers on hand when you're ready to finalize the sale or trade.

Value Your Trade Today

Ready to explore Glasgow, Hopkinsville, Russellville, and Bowling Green, Kentucky, from behind the wheel of a new car? Then it's time to value your trade.

Use our convenient online tool to get started, and then visit us at Greenwood Ford today to finalize the sale or trade!

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